Time Ghost Motion-Control


Introducing a new motion controller for studio-based time lapses

Designed and engineered during lockdown Time Ghost is a motion controller designed for studio time lapses such as plant growth or other long-term shots.

Each unit can control 2 DSLR cameras and 4 stepper motors as well as grow lights or other items over relays.  All Time Ghost units communicate over ethernet to a central Mac App which allows for setup, adjustment and monitoring of the time lapse.

Time Ghost is designed from the ground up to support eMotimo’s St4, Dragonframe and older systems such as the renowned CD100.

Currently 4 units have been built and they’re currently filming time lapses for two major BBC natural history series.


Time Ghost Motion Control




Control two separate cameras either in sync or seperately

Grow light

13A switch IEC in Time Ghost allows grow lights to be plugged directly to the unit for day length control

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature and relative humidity in the software with two external probes

External Cam Control

Direct control from an external input to trigger cameras

External Grow light input

Grow lights can be synced with other units or other motion control systems with this direct input to toggle on / off


Multi-purpose general input / output

External Motion Contol compatible

eMotimo St4, TB3, Dragonframe compatible


3 relays permit switching external devices up to 240VAC

DC Input

Wide range of voltage input 12-40VDC on standard XLR Pin-4 power

DC Output

Pass-thru power for daisy chaining units, or for powering cameras and other accessories

4 Stepper Motors

Internal drivers for four NEMA 17 or 23 stepper motors


Audio and visual alerts to warn of frames and errors

Interval Ramping

Grow light Ramping

Focus Ramping

2 Cam Sync

Control over Internet

Multi-Unit Control

Save / Load setting

Mac OS

Notes and logging

Shot on Time Ghost

Frozen Planet 2 (BBC)