the studio

brand new 2000 sq ft studio space

100% renewable electricity

all power for the studio comes from renewable energy sources and LEDS are used throughout

EPC energy rating

brand new building meets the latest energy standards and including high thermal efficiency


A new bespoke film studio available for hire for film, television and photography has just opened near Aylesbury off the M40, east of Oxford and 40 mins from London.

The studio is home to the latest motion control equipment for large and macro sets for live action with the option built-in for time lapse filming.


Studio blank space



300 Amps available; 3 x 63A single phase, 1 x 63A three phase & floor distro


Up and over electric loading door for lorry access to studio floor

Wifi & Ethernet

1Gb FTTP fibre direct to the studio & 1Gb ethernet backbone with POE


12m x 9m box truss grid at 5m height 


Waterproof resin floor on concrete base finished in grey gloss

EV Charger

22kW fast charger for electric cars (Coming soon) 


lighting control with a node to 8 DMX Universes


Electricity is from 100% renewable sources


Aputure 1.2K, Nova P600C, 600D, 300DMk2, 120DMk2 and 60D as standard


6m black drapes on tab tracks around the whole space

DMX & Lumenradio

DMX with 8 Universes + 1 Universe of Lumenradio  

Working lights

Ultra-bright 5600K LED 80% CRI flicker-free working lights. A++ energy rated


Motion sensitive recording inside and out & Ring Doorbell


Gated environment with burglar alarm


4 spaces available immediately outside with many others free on site


Co-op a few min walk away and the Swedish Norsk Cafe, and a Sushi restaurant

Road travel

Near M40 junction 8

Rail access

Haddenham and Thame Parkway station 50 mins to London


Strong coverage on all networks inside and out

Nearest hospital

Stoke Mandeville in 15 mins

Main Space

The main studio floor space measuring 10m x 19m with a grid of 6m. Fully flexible space against white walls then covered in black drapes on Doughty tab tracks for quick reconfiguration.

300 amps is from 63A three phase and 3 x 63A single phase and floor distribution down to 32A, 16A and 13A. Additional 13A sockets extend along the walls with 1Gbps ethernet & wifi with lighting control available.

On the studio floor is a WC and kitchenette with microwave, dishwasher and fridge along with tea and coffee making facilities.

Studio Kitchen

Studio equipment


Kit available includes; Sony F55, Jib, Dragonframe Motion Control, Motion Control gantry for macro live action and time lapse moves.

Plus access to Robert’s personal filming package including; Mamiya Primes Kit, Mamiya Macro kit, Nikon Primes and macro kit. 1.2m Slider and wireless monitoring (5″, 7″, 13″ and 21″).

Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

2ETC Source 4 26 degree, Series 3 Lustr X8 (Coming soon)DMX and Wireless DMX
2ETC Source 4 Series 3 Fresnel AdapterDMX and Wireless DMX
2Aputure Nova P600CDMX and LumenRadio Wireless
1Aputure 1200D C/w FresnelDMX and LumenRadio Wireless
2Aputure 600D C/w FresnelDMX and LumenRadio Wireless
1Aputure 300D Mk2 C/w Fresnel
1Aputure 120D Mk2 C/w Fresnel
1Aputure 60D
4Bowens 500R Strobe
4Borther Pipelines 12″ 5600k
1Fibre Optic (5600k) Ultra Bright Flicker-free1000 FPS tested. DMX with tails on 7mm to 1.5mm


Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

613A TRS 4-Ways (10m)
1016A TRS (1m)2.5mm H07
1016A TRS (3m)2.5mm H07
1016A TRS (5m)2.5mm H07
1016A TRS (10m)2.5mm H07
1016A TRS (20m)2.5mm H07
232A TRS (1m)6mm H07
232A TRS (5m)6mm H07
232A TRS (10m)6mm H07
232A TRS (20m)6mm H07
163A TRS (3m)16mm H07
613A Male to 16A female jumper (1m)2.5mm HO7 cable
416A male to 13A 4-way female jumper (1m)2.5mm HO7 cable
316A Rubber Socket Board with 6 x 13A sockets, 1 x 16A 230V 3P Socket
316A Y-Splits (1 in, 3 out)
316A Y-Splits (1 in, 2 out)
232A Distro (4 x 16A and 2 x 13A Sockets, 1 x 32A RCBO and 4 x 16A and 2 x 13A MCB)
163A Distro (2 x 32A 3P 4 x 16A 3P 2 x 13A 230v outlets with RCBO’s)
2DMX 5 Pin 1m
2DMX 5 Pin 3m
2DMX 5 Pin 5m
2DMX 5 Pin 10m
2DMX 5 Pin 20m


Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

2Manfrotto 087NWB Wind Up c/w 100mm wheels (Black)
2Avenger A5042CS Roller 42 Low Base
2Avenger A5036CS Roller 36 Low Base
2Avenger A1020B Combo Stand 20 Alu (Black)
2Avenger A1020CS Combo Stand 20 Steel
2Avenger A1010CS Combo Stand 10 Steel
2Avenger A5029 Roller 29 Low Base
6Avenger A2030DCBKIT C-Stand Kit (c/w 40″ flag arms, knuckle and detatachable turtle base)
2Avenger 40″ Flag Arm (Black)
6Avenger A2018FCB C-Stand 18 (Black)
6Avenger D500B 20″ Extension Grip Arm (Black)
6Avenger D200B Grip Head 2 1/2” (Black)
1Avenger D600CB Mini Boom Arm (Black)
1Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm
2Avenger C150 C-Clamp
2Avenger D400B Jumbo Grip Head 4.5” (Black)
2Matthews Monitor Stand II (6.25′) Roller
4Elinchrom Light weight stands
18Sand Bags (7Kg)
12Sand Bags (16Kg)


Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

43m Ladder Truss (and joiners)
4Magic Arm (Varible Friction)
12Super Clamps / K Clamps
6Sky Clamps
1Matthellini Clamp with 3″ Center Jaw (Silver)
4Savage Gobo Head Clamp
1Frame Holder
4G Clamp
2Avenger Barrel Clamp
2Avenger C150 C Clamp
2Doughty Hanging Clamp
1Manfrotto Scaffold / Truss Adapter
3Polyboard holder (1″)
3Polyboard holder (2″)
10Large Spring Clips (Bessey)
10Medium Spring Clips (Bessey)
10Small Spring Clips (Bessey)
8Polyboard Floor Stands (for 2″ Poly)
2CA-106 Junior to Baby Pin Adapter
46″ Extension Arm with Spigot for Super Clamp
45/8″ Snap-In Pin for Super Clamps (Black)
2Impact Micro Clamp


Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

88×4′ Polyboard White / Black (2″ thick)
14×4′ Polyboard White / Black (2″ thick)
248″ X 48″ Gel Frame (Aluminium)
148 X 48 Floppy Black flag
148″ X 48″ Black flag
224″ X 36″ Black flag
218″ X 24″ Black flag
1Sunbounce Sunswatter 1.9m x 1.3m 2/3 Stop diffuser


Items below are included in the basic studio hire rate

1ArtNet Node 8 (8 DMX Universes to Ethernet)RJ45 and Wifi Ethernet to DMX
1Lumenradio CRMX Nova FX RDM (Coming soon)With RDM support and 512 channels


Items below are not included in the basic studio hire rates

1Dragonframe DMC16 Motion Controller
6Mark Roberts S3 Stereoscopic Slider for 3D timelapses
4Grow lights for plants
1Industrial humifier
1Filtered water supply to the studio floor for tank and aquatic work
4Thermostats and Hydrostats


Items below are not included in the basic studio hire rates

110′ Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib ArmJib arm with 100mm bowl and counter weights
1Sony F55 camera
1Nikon Primes Kit
1Mamiya 645 Sekor-C Primes KitIncluding Kippon Speedbooster to LPL
1Mamiya 645 Sekor-C Macro KitIncluding 3 x extension tubes, 2 x doubler
1Dana Dolly Kit inc 6m of ladder truss


Items below are not included in the basic studio hire rates

1eMotimo St4Motion Controller
2Macro Grantry (XYZ, Pan Tilt)2 x Linear rails and macro Pan / Tilt Head
2Time Ghost Motion ControllersNetworked control of advanced motion control for plants and long terms time lapses
6Plant Growth Motion Controllers (Custom build)3 Axes of motion, lighting relay and external triggering
1Dragonframe DMC1616 Axes of motion, fast and high torque
2400mm Linear RailVertical operation and horizontal. Worm Gear. Nema 17.
11000mm Limear RailFor Dana Dolly vertical rises. Worm Gear. Nema 17.
11200mm Rotating BeamNema 17, geared
1Macro TurntableNema 17
3TurntablesNema 17
3WinchesNema 17
1Dana Dolly Motion ControlNema 23
1Atlas Slider (1.2m) Motion Controled SliderNema 17
1Pan Tilt HeadVery heavy duty loads (e.g. 3D Beamsplitter rig)
1Pan Tilt HeadMedium duty loads
1Ladder DollyNema 23 and Nema 17 options


Time lapse Studio

Bespoke space for the slower pace of life

Bespoke filming area for timelapse and long term photography such as plant growth time lapses.

Equipped  with the latest motion control and timelapse equipment this studio is able to run up to 8 setups depending on set size.


St4’s and bespoke plant growth motion controller units from eMotimo representing over a decade of collaboration between Robert and Brian

Time Ghost

Introducing a brand new, bespoke time lapse motion control computer designed and built by Robert during lockdown.

Each unit is capable of firing two cameras; two external motion controllers; 240v grow lighting (with day automated day length); environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity; external KP1 mains relays and 4 internal relays. Interval and focus ramping allows for dynamic changes live during a timelapse in time and focus position. 

Designed natively to trigger external motion controllers such as eMotimo St4, eMotimo TB3, CD100 and Dragonframe. Others possible via spare relays and GPIO.

Full remote access over ethernet / internet is provided for monitoring and changing the timelapse settings live and a playback tab shows the timelapse frame by frame as it is shot for an immediate playback of the shot to the latest frame.

Currently only 4 units exist and they are running long term timelapses for two major BBC natural history landmark series.


Dragon Frame DMC 16

16 Axes of motion control is available through the in-house Dragon Frame DMC 16 system

Environmental control

RO water supply, humidity and temperature control, lighting control make the space ready to adapt to any environment from desert to tropical jungle

Motion control

State of the art motion control available in-house: XYZ Gantries, macro and large turntables, vertical risers, focus motors




a few minutes north of the M40, Junction 8 

Availability & booking

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