Aerial photography from around the globe


Drone reel


Photos from the drone, originating in raw format (DNG) and process in Lightroom.

Solo piloting: complex shots

This drone allows me to pilot sophisticated camera moves whilst working alone. The drone can take care of flight, or camera, or both simultaneously. For example, I can instruct the drone to follow and orbit a subject, whilst controlling other elements of flight, and concentrating on the framing of the camera. This longer clip demonstrates a test-run of a full rotate around a subject.

Sample clips

Flying manually, solo, with the drone is one of the best ways to capture the exact shot. However, it takes a lot of flight-hours to be able to control aircraft and camera. Here are some sample clips of rotates and fly-bys on a variety of subjects of differing scales to demonstrate my skills as a pilot and cinematographer. All shots are 4Kp25, or 1080p100.

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