World's Tiniest Masterpieces

1 x 60′ for Channel 4

World's Tiniest Masterpieces

1 x 60′ for Channel 4

Micro-sculptor Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan’s artworks can only be seen through a microscope. Can he carve a carpet fibre, then place it inside a human cell?

Specialist Photography (Macro) & Photogrammetry

1 x 60 min, Channel 4

Sony F55, A7s, Black Magic Pocket Camera, Black Magic 4k

In this bio-pic we follow micro-sculptor Willard Wigan and this microscopic creations.


Shooting macro sync

My approach to the main sync scenes were combing the main camera (F55) with an additional angle (B Cam) and two other cameras – one shooting down the microscope and one shooting across the working area with a microscopic lens.


Using this specialist technique in a studio we are able to capture exceptionally detailed images of the microscopic subjects in a way they can be late manipulated in 360 degrees, creating virtual ‘fly throughs’.¬† The photogrammetry work was done with Chris Parks and Chris Campkin.

The devil is in the detail

Capturing the images required for a 360 degree photogrammetry model of Willard’s ‘house’ sculpture required precision motion control, controlled lighting and a considerable amount of render time

The result

A sample render of a single frame from what will eventually be a 360 degree photographic model that can have a virtual camera move applied later