Postcard from Earth

Sphere Vegas

The brand new entertainment venue – The Sphere Vegas – opens with pioneering film directed by Darren Aronofsky 


Macro Unit, Director of Photography 

Macro Unit

Senior Natural History Producer: James Brickell
Unit Producer: Davinia Goodhart
Post Production Supervisor: Eric Wilson
DoP: Robert Hollingworth
Art Director: Jamie Andrews
Animal Handler: Dr Tim Cockerill
Focus Puller / 1st AC: Henry Keep
2nd AC & DIT: Thomas Hall

Studio Facilities: Studio 19
Camera Equipment: Restricted
Motion Control Consultancy: Brian Burling of eMotimo
Lens & Optical Consultancy: Hugh Anderson


Filming for the largest and most immersive LED screen on earth was an incredible challenge and required pioneering technology from new cameras to new ways of designing sets and handling animals on the most immersive set on the planet.  Every detail had to be reimagined, and much remains a closely-guarded secret to this day.

The team filmed subjects such as jellyfish, chameleons, locusts, jumping spiders and praying mantis.


Darren talks about the preying mantis we filmed for Postcard from Earth in the macro studio

Jelly fish
Sphere Entertainment shows the jelly fish we filmed floating over the outside of the Sphere


Studio 19

The Sphere

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