Kingdom of Plants

with David Attenborough

3 x 60′ for Sky 3D and Sky 1.

Exploring the world of plants

Each of the three episodes explores a different aspect of plant life. “Life in the Wet Zone” explains how plants first colonised wet and humid environments, “Solving the Secrets” explores plant reproductive techniques and “Survival” shows how plants continually adapt to their environments

…in stunning 3D.

Pioneering 3D timelapse techniques were developed for the series to capture the behaviour of plants in stereo. 4 stereo location rigs were deployed for a year on location at Kew Gardens, and a further 4 in Tim Shepherd’s timelapse studio in Devon.


I oversaw the photography on location at Kew Gardens, working with 3 stereo sliders, one parallel Calcutta Rig, and one mirror rig. Most cameras were rigged on location, and some in specially constructed studios built at Kew for the year of filming.

Pioneering technology

From macro, seasonal repeats all the way to composite shots with Sir David and a bat, the timelapses had to fit tightly into the story and visual style of the films (DOP Tim Cragg).


BAFTA Nomination

Robert received a BAFTA nomination for best Cinematography for Kingdoms of Plants, along with DOP Tim Cragg, and specialist cameraman, Tim Shepherd.

Kew Gardens