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Horizon: Wildest Weather in the Universe

1 x 60′ for BBC2

Horizon: Wildest Weather in the Universe

1 x 60′ for BBC2

Horizon: Wildest Weather in the Universe

1 x 60′ for BBC2

We thought we had extreme weather on Earth, but it turns out that it is nothing compared to what’s out there. The search for the weirdest weather in the universe is only just beginning.

Director of Photography

1 x 60 min, BBC 1

Sony F55, A7s, Pocket Camera
Director: Davina Bristow

Now scientists have started looking to the heavens and wondering what the weather might be like on other planets. Today, we are witnessing the birth of extra-terrestrial meteorology, as technology is allowing astronomers to study other planets like never before. They began with our solar system, sending spacecraft to explore its furthest reaches, and now the latest telescopes are enabling astronomers to study planets beyond our solar system.

Greenwich Observatory

Keck Observatory

Death Valley

Pacific Park

Venice Beach

Light Aircraft

Diamond Light Source

Picking the POV

Filming in light aircraft or helicopters always present their own special difficulties.

Keen to not acquire the usual ‘Go Pro’ style shots, I opted to shoot with a modified Go Pro with a prime lens on it equivalent to a 35mm lens on a conventional camera.

The clips below illustrate the difference betwee the cameras, which were positions right next to each other. Not the colour, contrast and flare in response to accute sidelight and backlight. The adapter Go Pro has a very pleasing image, and looks unlike a the normal ‘look’ that camera has.

GoPro Hero 4, shooting 2.7k, 25p.

GoPro (standard)

GoPro (modified lens)

Roaming A7s

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