Sony’s superb in-house magazine ‘The Producer’ which goes to over 16,000 industry professionals in the UK alone have done a piece on me shooting tapeless in Antarctica on the Commonwealth Woman’s Antarctic Expedition shoot. You can read the magazine online here.

Here’s a transcripts of the write-up:


The PMW-EX1R proved its durability and toughness to Robert Hollingworth on an expedition to the Antarctic

Polar Girls is the working title of an hour long documentary about an Antarctic expedition, which last year saw eight women from the Commonwealth brave blizzards, crevasses and temperatures below -30oC as they traversed over 900 kilometres of Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole.

The four week expedition was shot by cameraman Robert Hollingworth on the PMW-EX1R. Its combination of size, weight, image quality and file-based operation made it the ideal camera for the job, says Hollingworth.