Over the course of 2014 we were working in ernest on the latest 3D natural history documentary with David Attenborough. This time we charted the evolution of flight in insects and birds; Conquest of the Skies.

“Tells a serious scientific story yet at the same time should remain visually stunning” David Attenborough, on Conquest of the Skies

I headed up the macro photography unit as Director of Photography and over the year we shot in studios, on location in the UK and in Borneo. By using a variety of techniques, and developing new ones where required including a whole new camera system, we tackled a wide range of insects and captured behaviour, in 3D, that I never imagined we might get when we set out on the filming.

Telling this story with compelling imagery is hard in 2D, and especially hard in 3D. However, building upon the years of learnings from Kingdom of Plants, Galapagos, Micro Monsters and