Mantis posing for the cameras

Mantis posing for the cameras

The latest 3D natural history series presented David Attenborough series aired this evening on Sky1 and Sky 3D. Micro Monsters 3D will run for the next 6 weeks across Sky. Shot with pioneering new camera technology enabling unprecedented resolution and 3D images, the series shows of insects in a whole new light.

Filmed across 6 months, and three continents, David Attenborough explores the mighty world of the super-small.

Micro Monsters with David Attenborough 3D from Atlantic Productions on Vimeo.

I was the natural history DOP on the series. Together with Jonathan and Chris Watts who developed and operated the camera, and directed by Alex Hemmingway and Tim Usborne, we shot in London, Australia and Kenya working closing with entomologists to capture tricky and intricate behaviours.

I won’t reveal to much yet because there is a behind the scenes documentary coming up which will show all.

I hope you enjoy the series.