Adventure and travel

Creating stories with inspiring visuals for the travel and trourism industry






Aerial photography

The Mavic Pro is the perfect aerial platform for documentary travel work allowing rapid deployment while capturing 4k video and raw stills.


The go-to stills camera for my documentary work is the Nikon D810. With an exceptional dynamic range and high resolution and low noise, the quality of the pictures is the natural of any digital camera.

Aerial cinematography in 4k

Professional 4k aerial footage or slow motion HD, both from the small and reliable Mavic Pro


Timelapse videos from landscapes to cityscapes, shot on ultra-high resolution Nikon D800 cameras

Sailing the BVIs

a promotional video for Intrepid Travel highlighting life aboard their yacht in the British Virgin Islands

Visiting The Datai, Langkawi

a promotional series of films for the exclusive hotel on the island of Langkawi to highlight their eco-tourism