Immersive 3D content

Using the latest 3D VR cameras to build an immersive storytelling world



Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields of filmmaking

Immersive content such as virtual reality is fast becoming the way to reach a new audience, and  convey stories in new ways.

Working on the cutting edge of VR I’ve visited volcanoes, climbed skyscrappers and dived beneath the waves to capture existing environments in 360 degree 3D video.

Owing to the commercially sensitive nature of my clients I currently speak too much about the past 6 months of projects, but more will be revealled soon.

360 Timelapses

Some subjects need to be watched more carefully in order to capture the action. Combining my love of timelapse, virtual reality, and plant biology, I have been working on a custom-built virtual reality timelapse rig using stills cameras. In my own studio using motion control and controlled lighting I can capture 360 timelapses of plants and transport consumers to a world that normally passes unnoticed.

360 Underwater

Experienced at shooting 360 VR underwater in the GoPro VR rig. Working at depths accessible from free-diving or using SCUBA, the etheral underwater world is ideal subject matter for immersive content.

OZO VR camera

The urban environment

Some urban spaces can be as spectacular as natural landscapes. My work has sent me from amazing natural environments up some of the most impressive man-made structures, to capture the genius of human engineering at work, for companies at the forefront of virtual reality filmmaking. All virtual reality projects are yet to be announced but watch this space/check back soon for more information and disclosure of details.

Day to night VR timelapse

Use the slider to see the difference between day and night from an excerpt of the VR 360 sphere.


Flare, DSLR, Ozo, GoPro, Nikon, Giroptic, Theta360, VUZE


Pacific ocean, Borneo, Dessert of middle east (sorry, but I need to be deliberately vague)