Director of Photography

Award-winning director of photography for factual films and commercials

Award-winning Director of Photography working in factual television & film. Three-time BAFTA nominated with an extensive body of work across the specialist factual genre from television to IMAX.

Robert is an experienced Director of Photography and Photographer with over 10 years experience working in documentary photography.

He has a strong flair for combining the artistic with the technical, advancing technical aspects of film making based on a solid knowledge and passion for light. Particular experience in areas of specialist photography including timelapse, slow motion, macro and motion-control.

Allied to this is a lifetime of travel and exploration from city streets to the isolation of the polar regions: originally a Biologist, Robert has Robert has a background of 10 years as a professional photographer. Represented by Alamy & Getty, his work sells globally.


With considerable international experience both in hot and cold climates, Robert is used to life on the road. Current iVisa for the USA.


Conquest of the Skies (Sky 3D & IMAX). Hidden Kingdoms (BBC). Queens Garden (ITV). Kingdom of Plants (Sky 3D). Galapagos 3D (Sky & IMAX). Micro Monsters 3D (Sky). Inside the Commons (BBC).


Three-times BAFTA nominated for photography and special effects in factual documentary films. GTC and IVCA award-winning.


Talking at BVE 2017 about VR Storytelling

I have been invited to speak at BVE again this year about storytelling in 360 degrees. We will address: The technologies people are using to tell stories in 360˚ How do we tell stories in VR, beyond a moving photo album, and shoot in 360˚ without compromising...

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South Australian tourism films go live

Experience the latest culture from Adelaide The series of films I shot for South Australian Tourism and Classic FM have just gone live and you can view them below.  We spent a week in Adelaide with Classic FM's John Suchet experiencing the sights and sounds of South...

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Supermoon captured over London

We left Dorset last night as the biggest moon in 70 years rose into clear autumnal skies.  The subtle pinks gave way to warmer tones and we chased the moon back to London, and while unloading the car I noticed this. The picture has gone viral on social media, and has...

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